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Fully interior design and renovation of 400m2 multidisciplinary space and record studio located at one of the bests areas of Barcelona.

Being planned as a carpark it was very complex to adapt all the program to such a particular space. We decided to use the entrance slope and created a sequence of platforms to have different lounge areas that can also hold temporary exhibitions. The third platform contains the reception desk and in front of it the waiting area and the bar.

Paris-based artist Richard Mvogo created the colourful designs on the walls, playing with the perspective and walking the visitors through different experiences as they discover the studio.

The control and record rooms are fully isolated and other two large rooms have been designed to adapt to many different possibilities of use.

We used varnished pine for fitted furniture, iron, textured glass and many vintage music related items to create the desired atmosphere.

400m2 multidisciplinary space
and record studio - Barcelona
October 2016

ArtSpace - Madrazo

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